Jordan Peterson on ABC’s Q&A

1. Toxic Masculinity (9:22)

In the middle of responding to a fairly benign assertion about feminism, Peterson makes this remark:

“If it’s true that theres something toxic about masculinity per se, what will that inevitably mean as women adopt more masculine roles… is that toxicity magically going to go away?”

“the constellation of socially regressive male traits that serve to foster domination, the devaluation of women, homophobia and wanton violence”

Examples might include:

  • The excessive and regular use of violence to assert dominance and resolve disputes
  • The repression of emotion and psychological trauma, leading to a sense of isolation, despair and suicidal thoughts, or a lack of meaningful connection with other human beings
  • A pride in sexual promiscuity, to the detriment of personal relationships with women
  • Misogynic and homophobic behaviour

About climate change… (36:00)

Host Tony Jones asks:

This is the correct response.

Lets talk about quotas… (45:28)

When Terri Butler suggests that a MPs in a representative democracy should be representative of the make-up of constituents, Peterson drags the conversation back to one of his favourite topics: gender quotas.

“If there is evidence of structural inequality and oppression because women aren’t precisely represented at 50% in all professions at all levels, then why don’t have a conversation about having women represented int all professionals at all levels? Why do we talk about politics and positions of power?”

Like with ‘toxic masculinity’, Peterson is trying to put forward a straw man argument. Here he finds himself in the strange position of advocating for the idea of gender quotas pushed to an absurd extreme, so he can then denounce the idea of gender quotas as absurd. (The circular nature of this strategy should be clear.)



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